How can Cornell help YOU??

Cornell Capital Management specializes in providing customized and comprehensive fee-only financial planning for corporations, family offices and high net worth individuals in the US and abroad.We are best known for our in-depth analysis of Fortune 500 companies, including the General Electric Company (GE) and are available 24/7 via phone, email or a video uplink to comment on  General Electric acquistions, product and management changes

Most of our clients have fallen into two catagories:

  1. Successful professionals that are:too busy to plan their financial future.This category includes teachers,doctors, dentists, lawyers, business owners, and professional athletes.
  2. Seniors that have lost a partner, and need help as they transition from one record keeper to another. If your records are in disarray and you need helping getting back on track, we can help you plan for the future. Hourly or rates per project are available.

First and formost, we are financial planners.We visit our clients, listen to their concerns, and design a financial plan that is an exact match for their individual needs. We follow up on a quarterly basis to make sure that they are happy with the progress of their financial plan.If you have ever felt that your financial planner,investment manager or stock broker is ignoring you, doesn’t have and/or won’t make the time for you, this last step is very, very important.

Take a tour of our site and see what Cornell Capital Management has to offer. We have included information on our company, products and the financial planning process that we use. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of our web page should answer many of your questions regarding our approach to the financial planning business.After you have had time to tour our site, please feel free to call me at (716) 741-0149 or visit us at 6020 Fairlane Dr. in Clarence Center, N.Y. We are about 30+/- minutes from downtown Buffalo. I would love to hear your comments, and to answer any questions that you may have regarding Cornell Capital Management. I welcome your feedback, and look forward to helping you achieve your long-term financial planning goals.

David Cornell Hartzell
President and CEO

"Peace Of Mind Through The Creation and Preservation of Wealth"