Our Services

Cornell Capital Management provides three services to its clients:

1. Financial Planning

Do-it-yourself financial planning often delivers results that are extremely unfavorable. If you have built up significant savings of at least $250,000 USD or more, it is time to consider bringing in a professional financial planner to help preserve and expand your nest egg. Someone specifically trained and experienced in financial planning can help you design and execute a plan that best meets your needs and tolerance for risk. The key role an investment advisor plays is to listen to your needs and concerns, and to provide the objective feedback and experience in financial markets that will keep your plan(s) on track. Most of us wouldn’t dream of performing surgery on ourselves, pleading our own case in court or designing structural supports for a house. But, amazingly, many doctors, lawyers, architects – people from all walks of life – design and carry out their own financial plans. Let us help you prepare a solid base for your financial future!

2.Wealth Management

You have meaningful goals. We can help you reach them. For over 25 years, we have worked with individuals, family offices, businesses and institutions—to deliver services and solutions that help build, preserve and manage wealth. We understand your aspirations, and we are as devoted to your goals as you are. We custom design and build portfolios for clients on a world-wide basis.

You can choose anyone to build your next investment portfolio- why not choose the best?

3.Hedge Fund Management

The Hartzell Long/Short hedge fund has helped clients diversify their portfolio with an alternative asset mix that is uncorrelated to any market.100% transparent 24 hours a day, Harztell Long/Short gives clients hedge fund performance in a separately managed account. Available to accredited investors only, email [email protected] for additional information.